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With the sophisticated construction technology, especially the “BIM revolution”, methods and processes, and the numerous and ever-developing contract forms, construction personnel involved in the construction business are facing new concepts and challenges day after day.  In order that one can be better equipped to foresee and cater for potential problems before they materialize, as well as be prepared when problems do arise and to make informed decisions, our professional staff regularly give seminars and lectures to our clients to help them understanding the contract procedures as well as updating them with the latest development in construction contracts and laws.

We also provide training programs directly to clients at their preferred forums tailor-made to suit their needs.

The following are the common training topics that KCI has prepared and can be provided at any time.

  1. Cost planning and management
  2. Main Contract procurement strategies
  3. Sub-Contract procurement and management
  4. Issues concerning measurement and valuation of construction works, (including valuation of variations)
  5. Valuation of payment and post-contract cost monitoring, financial statements
  6. Budgeting, cost control and reporting
  7. Extension of Time and Liquidated Damages
  8. Additional costs or Direct loss and/or expenses claims
  9. Bond and Insurance
  10. Dispute Resolution
  11. Principles of Measurement for Building Works and Civil Engineering Works
  12. FIDIC and international contract management
  13. BIM for QS
  14. Arbitration and dispute resolution