KCI Management Consultancy Limited was established in 2005. Our mission is to provide construction clients with quality and value-added contract consultancy and administration services.

We recognize that the construction industry is laden with risk and dispute in Hong Kong. This makes construction management a risk and dispute management business. The more effective these risks and disputes are managed, the less catastrophic such risks and disputes will be to the survival of the construction business.

Our aim is to use our expertise and experience to identify risks associated with construction projects in as early a stage as possible and to avoid, reduce and manage those risks for our clients throughout the construction stage and beyond, and to manage and resolve disputes before they are evolved or matured.

We are equipped with high caliber and experienced staff and are capable of offering a wide range of consultancy services and expert advice to developers, main contractors, sub-contractors, construction specialists, materials suppliers and the like.

In short, we will serve as your project / commercial manager and take your project through the myriad of contract niceties and commercial realities encountered from inception stage through the construction stage to the final account settlement stage and where necessary, the resolution of disputes.