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Contract and Commercial Management

KCI provides a wide spectrum of Contract and Commercial Management services including the quantity surveying consultancy services, expert advices and professional training to all construction entities.

Pre & Post Contract

#Developers #Building owners

- To prepare contract documents for developers, building owners, etc., for a wide variety of construction projects including:

  • residential
  • commercial buildings
  • building renovation works
  • building alteration and additional works
  • etc.

#Main Contractors #Sub-contractors

- To provide a full spectrum of contract management services including:

  • review and draft contract correspondence with a view to protect KCI clients' interests and entitlements
  • submission of notice of contractual claims in due time
  • advice on the keeping of necessary records and preservation of evidence in support of contractual claims

#Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To advice on sub-contract procurement strategy and drafting of sub-contract agreements and documents.

#Developers #Building owners #Main contractors #Sub-contractors

-To support for early and successful conclusion of claims including

  • early identification of claim issues;
  • timely submission of notices;
  • management of detailed particulars of claim;
  • keeping of contemporaneous records to support claims

#Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To provide services on

  • reviewing and analyzing contract documents for main contractors and sub-contractors;
  • identifying risks associated with different projects and contract forms and suggesting possible ways that such risks can be avoided, reduced or transferred;
  • advising on other aspects that need to be considered in the tendering of projects such as programmes, warranties and bonds etc.

#Developers #Building owners

- To customise contract conditions, joint venture agreements, pre-bid agreements and supplementary agreements when necessary to suit particular needs of KCI clients.

#Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To identify opportunities in the construction contracts to maximize contractor's revenue as the project progresses

#Developers #Building owners #Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To provide traditional quantity surveying services including:

  • preparation of builder's bills of quantities or schedule of quantities and rates;
  • estimating and tendering;
  • tender evaluation;
  • measurements to suit different needs;
  • measurements of reinforcement bar;
  • payment applications;
  • valuation of variations;
  • final account preparation and settlement etc.

#Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To provide advice and assistance to build up contractor's own cost management systems.

#Main contractors #sub-contractors

- To prepare project cost budgets, cost-value reconciliation reports, and highlight areas where there may be over-spending

#Developers #Building owners #Main contractors #Sub-contractors

-To identify and resolve problems that may arise as the project progresses.

#Main contractors #Sub-contractors

  • To provide advice on the use of the most appropriate form of sub-contract(s);
    - To draft suitable sub-contract(s) and sub-contract clauses;
    - To administer the sub-contract(s)

#Developers #Building owners

- To advise suitable nominated sub-contractors to employer

#Developers #Building owners #Main contractors #Sub-contractors

-To prepare final account as early as possible
-To present to and negotiate with representatives of employer side or contractor side
-To achieve the best settlement of final accounts within a reasonable timescale

#Developers #Building owners #Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To identify the opportunities for claims
- To prepare all kinds of contractual claims (such as extension of time, prolongation, disruption, acceleration, overheads recovery, loss of profit, etc.)
- To analyze and defend claims
- To achieve a fair and equitable conclusion of the claims in the shortest timescale possible

Dispute Resolution

#Plaintiff #Defendant #Developers #Building owners #Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To provide a full range of litigation support services including:

  • identification of dispute issues;
  • analysis of dispute issues;
  • advice on quantum, programming and technical issues relating to dispute issues;
  • recommendation of experienced lawyers who are all specialized in construction litigation

#Claimant #Respondent #Developers #Building owners #Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To represent KCI's clients in arbitration proceedings and handle the whole arbitration process including:

  • appointment of arbitrator(s);
  • drafting of pleadings;
  • dealing with interlocutory proceedings through to the hearing stage and beyond

- To recommend lawyers experienced in construction dispute with whom we have close contacts to work with us as a team;
- To provide experienced staff in Mediation and other ADR forum;
- To act on KCI client's behalf and prepare all the necessary paperwork for the mediation process;
- To represent KCI's client in the mediation meetings

#Plaintiff #Defendant #Claimant #Respondent #Developers #Building owners #Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To provide or recommend to KCI's client experts on quantum, delay and various other technical issues who not only have the expertise in their own field(s) but who also are familarise with the proper protocols and procedures
- Our Director, Mr. Chang, has been appointed as an expert witness in more than 45 arbitration and litigation cases, covering both quantum and delay issues.

Training and Development

#Developers #Building owners #Main contractors #Sub-contractors

- To provide training programmes at clients' preferred forums and tailor made to suit their needs;

- To provide seminars and lectures to client in helping them understanding the contract procedures as well as updating them with the latest development in construction contracts and laws;

- List of common training topics that KCI has prepared and can be provided at anytime:

  • Additional costs or direct losses and/or expenses claims;
  • Arbitration and dispute resolution;
  • BIM for QS
  • Bond and Insurance
  • Budgeting, cost control and reporting
  • Cost planning and management
  • Cost and programme monitoring in the construction stage
  • Extension of Time and Liquidated Damages
  • FIDIC and international contract management
  • Main contract procurement strategies
  • Measurement of building works
  • Measurement of civil engineering works
  • Principles of measurement
  • Quality control
  • Sub-contract procurement and management
  • Valuation and measurement of construction works and variations
  • Valuation of payment and post-contract cost monitoring and financial statements