Our Services

Claims, Arbitration, Mediation and ADR

We provide a full range of claims preparation and analysis, Arbitration, Mediation and ADR support services including the expert advice, consultancy services and report to developers and other construction entities.


Claims Preparation and Analysis

Whether you are on the firing end or the receiving end, our services include the identification of opportunities for claims, preparation of all kinds of contractual claims (including the extension of time, prolongation, disruption, acceleration, overheads recovery, loss of profit and etc.) and analyzing and defending claims. We will ensure that you achieve a fair and equitable conclusion of the claims in the shortest timescale possible.


For Arbitration and Mediation and ADR

Arbitration, in lieu of court proceedings, as the last resort to resolving disputes in construction contracts has been commonly used in Hong Kong as well as internationally. Although intended to be a less formal and more flexible alternative to litigation, arbitration can be as thorough and time-consuming as litigation, especially for construction disputes. We have the expertise in representing our clients in arbitration proceedings and handling the whole arbitration process from the appointment of arbitrator(s), drafting of pleadings, dealing with interlocutory proceedings through to the hearing stage and beyond. Where necessary, we can recommend lawyers experienced in construction disputes with whom we have close contacts to work with us as a team to provide the most comprehensive services to our client in arbitration.

Mediation is a less formal forum in which the parties to a construction contract are brought together with the mutually agreed mediator acting as the facilitator with an aim to resolve the dispute between the parties without going through the arbitration or litigation process. We can provide staff who are experienced in this kind of ADR forum and we can act on your behalf and prepare all the necessary paperwork for the mediation process, and to represent you in the mediation meetings.


Expert Report

In arbitration and litigation proceedings, expert witnesses are often required to provide the court or arbitration tribunal with an independent opinion on various issues, and in particular, quantum and/or delay issues relating to the disputes at issue. We can provide or recommend to you experts on quantum, delay and various other technical issues who not only have the expertise in their own field(s) but who also are familiarise with the proper protocols and procedures.

Our Director, Mr KC Chang, has been appointed as an expert witness in more than 45 arbitration and litigation cases, covering both quantum and delay issues.


Litigation Support

Whilst the service of solicitors may be inevitable in litigation, our experience suggests that the early engagement of appropriate construction professionals specialized in construction contracts and dispute resolution can assist in a variety of ways in construction litigation, as well as saving costs and time.

We provide a full range of litigation support services including (A) identification of dispute issues, (B) analysis of the dispute and (C) advise on quantum, programming and technical issues relating to the disputes.

We have been working with and can recommend experienced lawyers who are all specialized in construction litigation to represent our clients.